I believe in a learner-centered instructional process achieved through the seamless embedding of technology skills.   This includes the critical thinking skills of synthesis, analysis, and evaluation as well as solving real-world problems, understanding underlying concepts and principles all with a world-wide audience in mind.  The key to affecting this change is ongoing, job-embedded professional development following a coaching model.  It is in this environment that teachers learn how to harness the power of our technology rich world today rather than the textbook-based education of yesterday.

eBooks & Digital Content

Kindles, Nooks and iPads are exploding in usage.  eBooks are replacing textbooks in the classroom.  These digital textbooks include more interactive resources and multi-media content.  See real-world examples of educators and schools using this technology to support teaching and learning.  Practice using these tools and collaborate with others learning about the different formats for ePubs/eBooks.